Why is Zombie Leader involved with spreading Good Deeds One Bite at a Time?

My grandmother, Anne, passed away from Hodgkin’s Disease and my mentor’s son, Ryan, died of leukemia. Leukemia causes more deaths than any other cancer in children under the age of 20. Ryan had been in remission and passed at the age of 19. These personal experiences have motivated me to donate my time and monies to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society CT Chapter. I have worked on their behalf now for over 20 years, and I was honored to be named their 2000 prestigious "Unsung Hero" Award as well as the 2005 Mid-Fairfield County American Red Cross "Unsung Hero" award for my charitable efforts. Over the past 20 years (pre-Zombie Leader), over $120,000 has been raised for LLS through events, donations, and auctions I have been involved with.

What is the connection between zombies and your CALL Comic Art Auction?

Blood. Leukemia & lymphoma are blood cancers. Besides brains, zombies thirst for blood. So, Zombie Leader’s greatest Good Deed has been to organize the CALL auction, www.facebook.com/CALLauction. Week long eBay charity auctions have begun to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society CT Chapter (“zteam” seller). I have been working for the past ten months gathering artwork, sometimes original, from talent in the comic book industry. In fact, I actually met Charlie Adlard, The Walking Dead artist, at New York Comic Con last fall. He kindly donated a signed, inked page from TWD #105. I have enjoyed getting to know some artists in person, through Facebook, Twitter, and email. The CALL page has over 1,240 followers, and I would love for that number to continue to grow, as that is when the big items will be unveiled. Zombie Leader is spreading Good Deeds One Bite at a Time, so spread the word and join the herd!

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