Why are we the Zombie Leader?

We believe in spreading good deeds and in killer merchandise! We are a champion of charities. Zombie Leader founder, Todd Zavorskas, is a 2016 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society CTWHV Chapter Man of the Year Candidate. Being a geek, a former middle school science teacher, an avid sports fan, a Comic Con vendor, a Cosplayer, and an autograph and memorabilia collector, Todd has worked with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for the past 23 years helping them raise nearly $135,000 through various events. So, Zombie Leader knows a thing or two about fundraising and promoting worthy causes.

Zombie Leader is asking friends and talent in the sports, entertainment and comic book communities to assist him in raising both awareness and donations for LLS. Please visit www.facebook.com/CALLauction and www.teamzombieleader.org for further details.

Mission: Spreading Good Deeds One Bite at a Time!

Description: The Zombie Leader has 23 years of fundraising experience on behalf of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society CTWHV Chapter, Saving Savannah and Seattle, Autism charities, etc.... We believe in leading by example, so Zombie Leader will be offering biting zombie merchandise, appearances, and killer exclusives.

What is Zombie Leader?

We are the Zombie Leader, champion of charities, purveyor of infectious merch, and leaders of the herd!

Tell us about Zombie Leader.

When I'm not infecting my viral followers, I’m a devoted, single father of three young men: Zachary (15), Luke (14), & Colin (10). My sons are my reasoning for living. My job is to give them life experiences and to teach them empathy & caring for others. I want to show them, by example, what it is like to “go all in” with their passions as I am with this Man of the Year Campaign for LLS. Leukemia causes more deaths than any other cancer in children under the age of 20. I taught middle school science for 23 years and have 3 boys under the age of 16…THAT IS WHY I DONATE MY TIME, EFFORT, AND SKILL SET TO LLS. Now, I am a LLS Man of the Year Candidate, and Team Zombie Leader is looking to take a bite out of blood cancer. Our motto is “Good Deeds One Bite at a Time” after all.

My parents were antique collectors, so I am an avid collector (comics, autographs, memorabilia) by blood. Of course, I am a HUGE fan of The Walking Dead because it is a drama that is occurring during a zombie viral outbreak. The first comic book I remember getting was an Avengers copy while my father was stationed in Athens AFB, Greece. I remember distinctly The Vision. Growing up, I always doodled superheroes, mostly Marvel ones. In the past few years, I rediscovered my love of comics. And my collection has started up once again. I’ve even started painting comic book sketch covers in acrylics as I have gotten my creative mojo back. Believe it or not, I am going to be doing a variant cover for a friend, Dani Smith, for her self-published comic book, The Black Dog and Rebel Rose.

All of these interests and my willingness to help others allow me to vend all across the Northeast as Zombie Leader at Comic and Walking Dead Conventions. Since forming in September 2013, Zombie Leader has donated over $10,000 to national and local charities. Besides LLS, Zombie Leader has successfully raised monies for Saving Savannah & Seattle, The Autism Society of North Carolina, and Autism Speaks.

General Information

Zombie Leader is a Connecticut owned company founded in 2013 by Todd Zavorskas. Todd is an avid comic, autograph, and memorabilia collector. When he doesn’t plan his LLS Campaign during the day, he is the Zombie Leader by night.


Why is Zombie Leader involved with spreading Good Deeds One Bite at a Time? My grandmother, Anne, passed away from Hodgkin’s Disease and my mentor’s son, Ryan, died of leukemia. Grammy Z was a kind soul who loved her family dearly. Ryan had been in remission and passed at the age of 19. They are both missed dearly. These personal experiences have motivated me to donate my time and monies to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society CT Chapter. I have worked on their behalf now for over 23 years, and I was honored to be named their 2000 prestigious "Unsung Hero" Award as well as the 2005 Mid-Fairfield County American Red Cross "Unsung Hero" award for my charitable efforts. Over the past 23 years, over $135,000 has been raised for LLS through events, donations, and auctions I have been involved with. I have raised several thousand dollars through the eBay CALL auction the first time out the gate. The second auction to benefit my LLS MOY Campaign will prove to be even bigger and better. Also, Zombie Leader was recognized by eBay Giving Works as its 2014 Charitable Giver for the Month of May.

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